HAVEP presents itself as sustainable partner during the Circular Economy Week

Don’t wait for a sustainable future, but create it yourself

The Circular Economy Week was booming! It took place last January when 180 prominent entrepreneurs signed the raw materials agreement in The Hague. HAVEP presents itself this week as a strong sustainable partner and comes with new initiatives to make processes sustainable and to deliver promises.

On 24th January 2017, during the Circular Economy Week, the national raw materials agreement of the Dutch government was signed. The clothing that was shown during this event is developed within The Dutch Circular Workwear Association, a special collaboration between five leading players on the work clothing market. Its founders, Wiltec, Dutch Awearness, Uniform Brands, Heigo, HAVEP and Tricorp started a while ago with the production and sales of circular professional clothing. Their aim is to realise a cleaner world for future generations. They join forces within The Dutch Circular Workwear Association to stimulate and accelerate the sales of sustainable professional clothing and company clothing. This way they also create enough volume to be able to recycle work clothing.

HAVEP starts in March with the collection of old work clothing on locations across the Netherlands. Together with collection partners Sympany and FBbasics, clothing will be collected from HAVEP’s retailers and HAVEP itself in Goirle. Product manager Vinsent Jansen is the leader of this project; “Our next step is to place textile containers throughout the Netherlands to help our business partners with the collection of old work clothing and shoes. We’ll do this together with Sympany, they ensure that a second life is given to clothing that is still wearable. Our other collection partner FBbasics, makes sure that unusable clothing is shredded. When the clothing is all sorted and shredded, the possibilities for re-use are endless. Think of: insulation material, blankets or even a car’s rear shelf for example. Eventually, our aim is to make completely new clothing out of clothing.” Anna van Puijenbroek, HAVEP’s commercial director, has a clear vision of durable entrepreneurship and the raw materials agreement; “We exist 152 years and if we want to continue for another 150 years, we must spare our world and raw materials. Our collaboration with Dutch Awearness and their polyester solution is a perfect addition to our cotton circular clothing HAVEP® REWORK which we launched in 2012. Our durable fabrics package grows really fast and our aim is to replace all our existing qualities with durable fabrics. We keep looking out for new ways to make our products and processes more sustainable and it is also just fun to make the world a little bit better with entrepreneurship. We can help by creating circular systems. Real change can only be realised together and it’s good to see that the Netherlands is playing a pioneering role. At HAVEP we truly believe that we shouldn’t wait for a durable future, but create it ourselves.”

The clothing that’s sold is provided with a DA Inside logo (short for Dutch Awearness Inside) and a QR-code, which indicates that the clothing has been made from recyclable fabrics, that the clothing is monitored during its entire life stage and that the clothing returns to the cooperation after it has been used, Dutch Awearness then recycles the clothing into new fabrics that producers can use to make new work clothing that retailers then offer to the end users. The wearer can scan the QR-code, so that he understands the route that the product has taken.

For more information about HAVEP as durable partner, visit havep.com/sustainability



For over 150 years, HAVEP has been offering an extensive knowledge and experience in work clothing, translated into quality and result. An ongoing drive that we would like to continue. Because the world doesn’t stop and neither does HAVEP.

That’s why we aim for even better, trendsetting products; innovative solutions and an approach that is as close to the customer as possible. Listening and talking, discussing, thinking along and finding inspiration this way for today and tomorrow.

We offer you appearance, comfort and safety – 100% personalized, tailored to your work situation. With great confidence we take the step together with you towards a durable future. Besides that, your entire company can count on a quick and flexible customer service and a proactive team that thinks along with you.


The company was founded in 1865 as a family business with a storage space measuring only a few square metres. Since then, HaVeP Workwear / Protective wear has grown and is now a leading player on the international market for professional industrial and safety clothing made from high-quality textile fibres.

For over 150 years, the HAVEP brand has been proof that investing in good industrial clothing is something that will pay for itself. HAVEP has been successful in translating the stringent requirements rightly imposed by the government, clients and employers into a collection of industrial and safety clothing that is characterised by its breadth and depth.

HAVEP enhances corporate image, by providing employees with clothing that is both recognisable and of high-quality. The large number of articles we keep permanently in stock plus our selective distribution network of resellers guarantee excellent availability and fast delivery. Clothing from HAVEP owes its exceptionally long service life to its proven consistent quality. The level of service, coupled with the good price-quality ratio means that HaVeP represents an excellent investment, both for employees and employers.

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