Van Puijenbroek Textiel's REWORK (workwear) line of clothing is the future

REWORK workwear is smarter than recycling, it's upcycling!

At the 2014 Amsterdam Fashion Week, a large amount of attention was paid to sustainability in the textile and clothing industry. REWORK Cradle to Cradle® workwear - the first cotton workwear that will not ultimately end up on the scrap heap - is pioneering the way and setting new trends in sustainability. It is designed in such a way that all the constituent parts can be reused. The originator of the Cradle to Cradle concept, Michael Braungart, already launched REWORK in December 2012: “The ball is now in the entrepreneurs' court. It is up to them to buy sustainable workwear and make REWORK a success. REWORK is smarter than recycling, it is upcycling!''

Unique partnershipREWORK Cradle to Cradle workwear is the result of a unique partnership between Dutch workwear producer Van Puijenbroek Textiel, textile service companies Berendsen, Initial and Lavans and waste management services provider Van Gansewinkel. The workwear is designed in such a way that all its constituent parts can be reused. Old and worn REWORK workwear can be used to spin new yarn or to make compost.

Sustainable with a good price/quality ratioCradle to Cradle is more than recycling. Smart solutions have been used from the outset in its design and production. The way in which REWORK workwear is dyed is, for example, much more environmentally friendly than traditional methods. As a result, the cotton thread does not contain any harmful substances, which means it can be reused as a raw material for making, for example, new workwear. And that is precisely the idea behind Cradle to Cradle: waste is food. The concept is innovative as well as sustainable and has a recognisable quality for a price that is comparable with that of normal industrial clothing. Braungart: “Everyone needs workwear. Entrepreneurs should not switch to REWORK because it is comfortable to wear, but because of the innovative new approach and the good quality.''

International certification and wide range of coloursREWORK has been awarded the Silver Certificate by the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute. Seven colours - navy, black, cornflower blue, orange, green, off-white and fluorescent yellow - with which all conceivable models can be made, have now received certification and REWORK in standard sizes is available from stock. REWORK can also be made from Tencel fabric or organically grown cotton on request.

Van Puijenbroek TextielWith its HaVeP and Bucofa brands, Van Puijenbroek Textiel (founded in 1865) has been a highly reputed manufacturer of workwear and safety clothing for almost 150 years. The know-how and experience gained over the years have made this family firm a flexible and reliable partner that respects the environment and is an expert in its chosen field. Prioritising sustainability has resulted in a proven and consistent quality with a long service life, a good price-quality ratio and excellent service.

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For over 150 years, HAVEP has been offering an extensive knowledge and experience in work clothing, translated into quality and result. An ongoing drive that we would like to continue. Because the world doesn’t stop and neither does HAVEP.

That’s why we aim for even better, trendsetting products; innovative solutions and an approach that is as close to the customer as possible. Listening and talking, discussing, thinking along and finding inspiration this way for today and tomorrow.

We offer you appearance, comfort and safety – 100% personalized, tailored to your work situation. With great confidence we take the step together with you towards a durable future. Besides that, your entire company can count on a quick and flexible customer service and a proactive team that thinks along with you.


The company was founded in 1865 as a family business with a storage space measuring only a few square metres. Since then, HaVeP Workwear / Protective wear has grown and is now a leading player on the international market for professional industrial and safety clothing made from high-quality textile fibres.

For over 150 years, the HAVEP brand has been proof that investing in good industrial clothing is something that will pay for itself. HAVEP has been successful in translating the stringent requirements rightly imposed by the government, clients and employers into a collection of industrial and safety clothing that is characterised by its breadth and depth.

HAVEP enhances corporate image, by providing employees with clothing that is both recognisable and of high-quality. The large number of articles we keep permanently in stock plus our selective distribution network of resellers guarantee excellent availability and fast delivery. Clothing from HAVEP owes its exceptionally long service life to its proven consistent quality. The level of service, coupled with the good price-quality ratio means that HaVeP represents an excellent investment, both for employees and employers.

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In the Texperience Center, experiences, inspiration and presentation are highlighted. It is the place for trade & industry, government bodies and training institutes to meet and where ideas spring to life. Whether you need to modify details in an existing model or want to set up a full-blown Corporate Identity project – virtually anything is possible. The Texperience Center highlights experiences concerning textiles in general, and workwear and protective wear in particular. Next to the innovative product presentations and solutions of Van Puijenbroek Textiel, the Texperience Center has various multifunctional work rooms and meeting rooms in which to share knowledge and do business. There are open as well as closed rooms, a compact auditorium, and a lounge with catering facilities. - See more at: